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How we can help?

We, at Jindal Biotech work with our partners to extend our reach to Healthcare Workers, Government and Private Hospitals, and Medical Retailers. We don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every day counts.

  • JBPL offers mutual exclusivity for its dealers/distributors.
  • Offers 100% returnable stock.
  • Technology platform for sales team, dealers and hospitals
  • Sales and Marketing support to its dealers. We appoint Marketing Representative for Hospitals and Doctors. Also, additional executives are appointed for Medical Colleges.
  • Geography specific Digital Marketing for supporting sales
  • Apart from this we are into business since 2009, trusted and reliable, have quality certifications like CE/ISO. We have ever increasing portfolio of Medical and Surgical products and services covering total solution to your customer’s need.
  • We conduct workshops and trainings for doctors, hospitals, sales team and dealers staff
  • For all our products, please checkout at products. In case, you have any query, we can answer that for you.
  • If you are OK, you are required to submit detailed application form.
  • After receiving the application, the prospective dealer is briefed by the sales team followed by market potential assessment and SWOT Analysis.
  • Details are sent for approval of the National Sales Manager.
  • Signing off Dealership Agreement and submission of 5 security cheque
  • JBPL will provide the first supply after getting the Signed agreement, Drug License, PAN, GST number and Security cheques
  • Financial Capability: Investment capability of 2x of Expected Monthly Sales Investment starting from 5-10L in terms of stock
  • Prior Experience: Having working relationships with Hospitals/Doctors/Pharmacies
  • Commitment: Willingness to reciprocate with exclusivity. We don’t work with dealers who can have conflicting interests
  • Should be a local resident and good credibility: The immediate benefit of being a local is having a wide network of friendly business contacts. It helps the sales team in doing the initial efforts.


We expects its dealers to be very proactive in servicing the customers. All orders should be delivered next day. Emergency orders should be delivered the same day. They will be responsible for material dispatch, stock management, payment collection and delivery management.

We shall appoint Medical Representatives to visit hospitals and doctors. We are OK to appoint MR for Medical Colleges. Such request should be based on expected sales volume and require approval of ZSM.

Apart from this, we do content marketing to be delivered to Doctors/Hospitals digitally. We offer workshops and trainings for doctors, hospitals, sales team and dealers staff.

Visit /company/business-partners/ to fill in the application form.

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We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time.