We work with our partners to get medical devices approvals and plan launch

If you are searching for a great market in India for promoting medical devices, we are here for you with complete support. At JBPL, we use a three-tier selling and distribution structure that has evolved over the years. This structure involves redistribution stockists, wholesalers, and retailers/hospitals.

Medical devices marketing in India can be tricky sometime with going through CDSCO approvals, working with dealers/distributors and reaching out to hospitals and doctors as end-users. At JBPL, we have technical expertise for medical devices approvals and extensive network for PAN India launch.


Launch your medical devices in India

Our customers turn to us for sales and marketing services when they want to successfully launch their products on the fastest growing Indian healthcare market, to ensure that they can maintain good sales throughout the year, or if they need an extra sales boost for a shorter period of time. With our in-depth market knowledge and flexible yet cost-efficient solutions, we will help you achieve your sales targets.

Tailor-made solutions for a successful launch

Product-launch activities are always planned based on your particular needs and launch objectives. Examples of our services include sales representation (OTC, RX) with an individually tailored number of sales visits and training events for your target group, promotional material services and digital marketing through our unique platform that reaches healthcare professionals all over India.

Expertise in maintaining good sales

We provide full-time or part-time professional sales representation, reaching customers across the country or in chosen geographical areas in India. Sales representation can be performed face-to-face or through our virtual solutions.

Flexible campaigns give your sales an extra boost

Our campaigns cover all the elements needed to give your sales an extra boost: telemarketing, product promotion on-site in pharmacies or virtually through digital channels, and webinars to increase healthcare professionals’ awareness and knowledge of your products.



Distribute your medical devices PAN India

We are almost 10 years old in the trade of distribution. We have an experience of setting up a distribution network of renowned brands in the market, majorly Medical Devices. We are known for providing reliable, cost effective services. We ensure timely delivery of the products in the market without any damages and shortages.

We offer our clients Clearing & Forwarding Services. Our services have set a rage in the market owing to the safety, cost-effectiveness, reliability and timeliness. We have a well-knit network in the country and hence, transport cargo to any location. Complete safety measures are taken to avoid product damage. We make use of road transportation, airways and railways to ensure timely forwarding of goods and cargo at the specified place.


Class A

Products of absorbent cotton wools, surgical dressing, alcohol swabs etc

Class B

Products of Thermometer, BP monitoring device, Disinfectants etc

Class C

Products of Implants, Hemodialysis catheter etc.

Class D

Products of Angiographic guide wire, Heart valves etc


How to apply, navigate the selection process