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Medical Cotton

Medical Personal Care & Hygiene - Cotton Rolls, Cotton Pleats, Cotton Pads & more...

Dressings and Bandages

A state of the art ultra-modern manufacturing facility for production of dressings, bandages and medical tapes.

Personal Protection Devices

We manufacture personal protection devices including masks, coverall, drapes, gowns.

Jindal Biotech

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Jindal Biotech

The Promise of Quality

At Jindal Biotech , quality starts at the time of procuring raw materials which is sourced only from those suppliers who conform to our quality standards. We believe quality raw materials along with our state-of-the-art manufacturing process results in superior finished products. Every stage of the manufacturing process is supervised by our in-house laboratory, which not only allows us to monitor the quality, but also the efficiency of the process. Better efficiency means we can provide the best possible value to our customers.